Hey Hosts!

While we’re, of course, always free to choose our own theme for each recording, and to record podcasts without any specific theme, here are some topic ideas to spark your creativity (some admittedly very like others) culled from episodes of my TV show:

How I Came to See My Causal Will
Proving causal will in real time
Morality within a causal will perspective
What it all means
We Do Not “Experience” Free Will
How the Hedonic Imperative Makes Free Will Impossible
How the Unsolicited Participation of the Unconscious Makes Free Will Impossible
Asking When a Child Gains it Illuminates the Incoherence of the Concept “Free Will”
Overcoming our Reluctance to Overcome the Illusion of Free Will
Why Change as the Basic Universal Process Makes Free Will Impossible
The Absurdity of Varying Degrees of Free Will
Why the Concept of Free Will is Incoherent
Overcoming Blame, Guilt, Envy and Arrogance by Overcoming the Illusion of Free Will
Why Both Causality and Randomness Make Free Will Impossible
Why Frankfurt’s “Second Order Desires” Do Not Allow for a Free Will
Overcoming the Illusion of Free Will as an Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness
Revitalizing Religion through Transcending the Illusion of Free Will
Why Humans Cannot Circumvent Natural Law to Gain a Free Will
How State-of-the-Universe Causality Makes Free Will Impossible
Why Deliberation is Not Evidence of Free Will
Exploring Western Religious Perspectives on the Nature of Human Will
Implications of Overcoming the Illusion of Free Will
Because Essential Elements of Every Decision are Stored in Our Unconscious, Free Will is Impossible
Why if We Had a Free Will We Could Not Interact with Inanimate Matter
Galen Strawson’s “Nothing Can be Causa Sui” Refutation of Free Will
Free vs. Causal, Unconscious Will Responses to Economic Downturns
Human Will and the Operative Distinction Between Determinism and Causality
Whether God has a Free Will, and God Defined as the Causal Past
How Cause and Effect Refute Free Will
How Overcoming the Free Will Illusion Frees Us from Judgment and Anger
If We had a Free Will, We Could…
A Completely Unconscious Will is Not a Free Will
Causal Will Therapy – Curing the Insanity of Free Will Belief
We Are Evolvibg Human Consciousness
Human Will and the Occupy Global Revolution
Because Consciousness is Awareness, Free Will is Impossible
Free Will is More of an Erroneous Deduction than an Illusion
How Young Women’s Procreative Drive is Fueling the Global Revolution
Overcoming Free Will Belief to Create a World Without Blame
Why the Idea of “Alternate Possibilities” IS the Free Will Illusion
Human Will is Universal
Enjoying our Universal Will
The “Why Did the Universe Do That?” Response to Wrongful Behavior
Free Will Belief Encourages the Most Hateful Belief Possible
Freud Popularized the Unconscious. We Are Popularizing Unconscious Will
Because Randomness is Only Apparent, Free Will is Impossible
Free Will vs. Universal Will Belief â “ The New Intelligence/Morality Test
Overcoming Free Will Belief is Biggest Thing Ever
Scientific Theism, and Why God’s Will is Not Free Will
Understanding Our Universal Will Does Not Equal Fatalism
The Ortega Two Step Refutation of Free Will
The Experience of Losing One’s Sense of Free Will
Occupy and the 1%’s Dilemma About the Myth of Free Will
10 Ways to Refute Free Will
Why Quantum Mechanics Cannot Rescue Free Will
Our Surreal No Free Will Reality
Beverly Goldberg on Human Will and Criminal Justice
What is the Question, and Why Does it Matter
Deprogramming Ourselves From Free Will Belief
How causality makes free will impossible
Interdisciplinary Descriptions of Causal Will
Models of the Self, and Human Will
Our Moral Choices Teach Us They’re Not From Free Will
Defining Free Will, and Putting it to the Test.
Why God’s Omniscience Refutes Free Will
Defining and Refuting Free Will – A Review
No Free Will Isn’t a License to Do Whatever We Want
Why Both Causality and Randomness Make Free Will Impossible
We Don’t Have Free Will Because God Created Us
Free Will and No Third Alternative To Causality and Randomness
The No Free Will Way of Addressing Crime
Why Some People Don’t Get it About Free Will
No Free Will – Humanity’s New Consciousness
Free Will Claims Based on Fears and Desires
Un-Free Will is Driven by Hard-Wired Drives
Custers and Aarts Undermine Free Will in Journal Science Part II
Why Even a Little Free Will is Impossible
Unconscious Data and Processing Means No Free Will
Free Will – What Sam Harris Gets Right and Wrong
Cause and Effect Makes Free Will Impossible
No Free Will and Praying to God
No Free Will; The New Cosmology
Free Will, Purpose, Meaning and the Universe
Free Will vs. No Free Will Interactions
Free Will and the Purpose of Consciousness
Free Will is Satan’s Shield
We Can Never, Ever Have Free Will
We Could Not Have Chosen Otherwise; We do Not Have a Free Will
No Free Will and Compensation
Not Having a Free Will Sucks; Knowing this Doesn’t
Review of Free Will Refutations
Why People Believe in Free Will
Probabilities are Inconsequential to Question of Free Will
Idioms and Beliefs that Reveal Disbelief in Free Will
Different Definitions of Free Will; Different Refutations
The Un-Free Will Consciousness Revolution is Here!
Exploring our Unconscious Un-Free Will
No Free Will as a Revolutionary Religious Precept
Free Will and Trading Places Theory
No Free Will: Why We Repeat Themes
No Free Will and Forgiveness
Our Unfree Will: Very Strange, but Inescapable
Determinism, Causality, and Free Will; ‘til You Get It
Free Will and the Unconscious as Our Mind
No Free Will, and Accepting We’re Peopleuppets
How Free Will Belief Poisons Anger
Free Will and Morality; Pragmatic, Not Fundamental
Free Will Refuted by the Pleasure Principle
How Free Will Belief Invites Guilt
What’s Not Up to Free Will
After Free Will: What Stays the Same
Free Will and the Problem with Philosophy
Free Will and the Mental Health System
Un-Free Will Integration Strategies
How Free Will Belief Invites Arrogance
Free Will and Other Things We Lack
Free Will: Why No Action Mechanism Supports it
Free Will: A Litmus Test for Critical Analysis and Maturity
Free Will and Why Causality is A Priori
How Pleasure Refutes Free Will
Free Will and the Problem of Pain
The Free Will Illusion: Documentaries and Fictionalizations
Free Will and Doing the Best We Can
The Free Will Puppet Test
Free Will, Causality and Human Beings
Free Will and Our Intelligent Universe
Free Will, and How to Teach Kids We Lack it
Free Will: Refutation, Cost, Role in Climate Change Denial,
Free Will and Elliot Rodger
Why Overcoming Free Will Belief Matters
Free Will and Becoming Mega-Famous
Free Will or Causal Will?
Free Will; Why Such a Powerful Illusion?
Free Will: Debunking Quantum Physics Defenses
Free Will: Why Even a Little is Impossible
Free Will, Powerlessness, Stupidity and Immorality
Free Will: How Overcoming the Belief Creates a Better World
Free Will, Determinism, and Abortion
Chandler Klebs: I didn’t Choose Atheism
Free Will, Causes and Reasons
Free Will and Choice
Why Defending Free Will is Evil
Free Will and Addiction
Free Will: Why Randomness Won’t Help
Free Will and Perfection





2 thoughts on “Episode Theme Suggestions

  1. If free will is just an illusion, it is a powerful one indeed. Mankind has been willing to let go of many illusions; the geocentric view of the universe, the constancy of time, as well as all manner of religious fictions including god himself. Man holds on to these illusions arguably because he is getting something from them. What is man getting or holding on to by believing in free will? What will replace the illusion in order to fill that need? In short, IF FREE WILL IS SHOWN TO BE AN ILLUSION, WHAT WILL TAKE ITS PLACE?


    1. What will replace it is the recognition that all we ever do has been destined, which will motivate a far more intelligent and compassionate way of dealing with each other and seeing ourselves.


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